The manager of TUNACONS was invited by the Director of the private organization SCALING BLUE, Jesse Marsh,  to be part of a panel of speakers who gave their lectures on the topic COMMITMENT OF THE INDUSTRY WITH THE PROJECT OF FISHING IMPROVEMENT (FIPs): WHY IS IMPORTANT AND HOW TO GET INVOLVE.

Under this objective TUNACONS show their model of work and operation and how the tuna industries that are part of the FIP TUNACONS are involved to promote actions that achieve a coordinated way to develop management measures, so that, the fishery can meet the sustainability standards proposed by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).

Guillermo Moran manager of TUNACONS explained that is implementing a comprehensive and exhaustive FIP in cooperation with WWF Ecuador, and interacts dynamically with the different organizations and public and private institutions to achieve the objectives of the 2 years of intense work Action Plan.

At the meeting, Tunacons explained that there are commitments from the companies NIRSA, EUROFISH, JADRAN, SERVIGRUP and TRIMARINE to demonstrate to consumers of processed tuna that there is a responsible, technical and scientific management of the tuna fishery with purse seines in the Eastern Pacific Ocean.

It was also explained to the public that FIP ​​TUNACONS is working hard to support work to reduce negative impacts on marine ecosystems through training for crewmembers, technological modifications in FADs and conservation measures to apply to tuna and by-catch populations.

The Panel was shared with other experts on the subject such as Timothy Roberts of the Taprobane Seafood Group (PVT) Sri Lanka, Sam Grinley Director of Strategic Initiatives for the SFP Buyer Commitment Team, Kristin Sherwood Director of Programs at FishChoice and Jesse Marsh Director of Scaling Blue who led the Panel

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