Before December 31, 2020, TUNACONS fleet will start to  replace at least 20% of traditional FADS with ecoFADs / NEDs


  • Tunacons is a pioneer in measures like these, there is no talk of something similar in any other ocean.
  • It is the first group of vessels that assumes a commitment to use 100% degradable FADS to reduce pollution in oceans.
  • Tunacons has been testing materials for three years to develop prototypes that reduce the use of synthetic material.
  • This degradable planting, called by tunacons as “EcoFAD” has already demonstrated efficiency in catches.
  • Tunacons and the EPO Tuna Commission with European Union funds are conducting technical cooperation to compare the efficiency between “EcoFADs” and traditional FADs. Currently, the data show that it is on the right track and that EcoFADs do not fish less than the traditional ones and therefore promising results are expected.
  • Tunacons are made up of 3 Ecuadorian companies, an EEUU and a Panamanian company, all committed to this initiative.

Since TUNACONS fleet is interested in minimizing the impact of the purse-seine fishery on the marine ecosystem, it will be convenient to cooperate and implement national and international projects with scientific and technological research projects to define the prototypes of FADS in the medium term. They are 100% degradable and are used by the ships of the fleet that participate in TUNACONS.

The TUNACONS fleet, since 2017, in accordance with its fishing improvement plan has been developing FADS tests with 100% degradable materials of VEGETAL origin according to the third criterion of Annex II of C-19-01 (C-18- 05 amended), based on the results of these tests and with a view to facilitating the transition in the fleet to the use of degradable FADS.

 The TUNACONS team will advise the companies that are part, and will make the relevant technical follow-up of the results of this activity to propose pertinent technical recommendations to reach the planting of 20% of DAPs with 100% degradable material.

 The TUNACONS technical team will coordinate with the fleet heads of each company part of TUNACONS for the complete execution of this proposal.


As of December 31, 2020, the TUNACONS fleet will start using at least 20% of its planted annually with 100% degradable material.

Working together for a healthy marine ecosystem, Tunacons.

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