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Corporate social responsibility issues are at the forefront of the company’s priorities. Our members were trained by OSA International to introduce them to the field of certifications and we expect to have another training in the next semester to evaluate the application of this new knowledge. People are the best element the company has, and updating knowledge is key to ensure that the entire chain works efficiently”.

Guillermo A. Morán Velásquez. Manager, Tuna Conservation Group TUNACONS.

OSA provided ISO19011 training in Ecuador for TUNACONS, the Ecuadorian Tuna Conservation organisation made up of Ecuadorian fishing companies.

The training workshop detailed the importance of ISO19011:2018 for internal, second party or third-party audit. It informed participants about the entire audit process with a focus on audit in fisheries and at processing sites. This creates a shared understanding of the key elements in the audit process and the importance of auditors and assessors carefully using the steps in each audit process.

The training also addressed ISO19011:2018 aspects related to risk in auditing. This training is an important basis to underpin the development of seafood company social responsibility management systems and to improve the treatment of workers at sea.