Meeting in Manta this Monday 8 and Tuesday April 9, World Capital of Tuna, representatives of the Regional Fisheries Agency of the Eastern Pacific Ocean which is the Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission (IATTC), Conservation Organizations, such as the Global Fund for Nature ( WWF Ecuador), specialized scientific research such as the ISSF, the private tuna fishery improvement project, Tuna Conservation Group (TUNACONS), representatives of guilds with ATUNEC and the National Fisheries Chamber, the Public Sector as the Undersecretary of Fisheries Resources, the National Institute of Fisheries, from other private companies related to this fishing element through their fleet managers and ship captains to exchange experiences on board with the use of the sorting grid of juvenile tuna and bycatch fishing that was applied in Ecuador since 2009 .

The Director of TUNACONS Ing. Guillermo Moran V. indicated that the main objective of the meeting is that based on the experiences of Captains and technicians to help confirm the good results obtained after 10 years of use in reducing catches of juvenile tuna and fishing companion as Dorado, Wahoo among others, but also seeks to recommend the necessary improvements in the grid prototype currently used.

Subsequently, new experimental projects will be promoted between the IATTC and the regional industry to analyze their results, and to take new decisions at the regional level with the purpose of strengthening the conservation system of tropical tunas in the eastern Pacific Ocean.

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