FIP TUNACONS announces the start of the full Assessment towards the MSC certification.


In the next few weeks start the Full Assessment for the certification of the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) of the purse seine fishery for tunas school fish sets and FADs in the Eastern Pacific Ocean (EPO). It is scheduled to end in October 2020. The fleet that operates for the companies members of the Tuna Conservation Group (Tunacons) will seek to be the first to achieve certification on school fish sets and FADs at EPO level.


Since the pre-assessment of the purse seine Tuna fishery of the EPO in 2016, the 5 TUNACONS´ member companies; Real Industrial Businesses (NIRSA), Jadran Group, Servigrup, Eurofish and Tri Marine, have worked together for three years in the implementation of the Work Plan through this Improvement Project (FIP for its acronym in English) to certify their fishery with the blue seal of responsible fishing MSC.


The FIP was a pre-certification work, with the support of the national government and the Ecuador World Fund for Nature (WWF), necessary to prepare and strengthen the management of the fishery on incidental fishing management issues, development of degradable FADs, scientific cooperation with IATTC, National Tuna Plan, etc., which contributes to the fulfillment of the Assessment criteria corresponding to the three principles required by the MSC.


Working together for a healthy marine ecosystem, Tunacons.


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