BUREO nets recycling

The 8 member companies of Tunacons deliver disused, broken, damaged, or unusable fishing nets to the Bureo/Netpositiva alliance, which is in charge of recycling them. 

  • The recycled nets can have a second life in personal items such as clothing, accessories, toys, etc.

So far we have donated 113 tons of nets to Bureo. 

  • Depending on the amount of nets delivered, Bureo finances sustainable projects, in our case, it helps to finance the project “pescando plásticos” which consists of collecting plastic garbage from the mangrooves of the Gulf of Guayaquil.

 So far the project led by Fenacopec, the federation of artisanal fishermen, has collected more than 20 tons of garbage (including nets, although plastic bottles predominate).

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